Boty 2001 : Vagabond Crew vs. Wanted Posse

Battle de Vagabond Crew face à Wanted Posse au Battle of The Year 2001


Mohammedoctober 12th, 2012 21:24
Thank you ! yes it was Salah one of the first Vagabond... We'll come in Singapore with a big pleasure if one organizer would invite us. We will be in Taiwan (even if it's far for you) on November the 10 for a battle in Taipei Mohammed, administrator
indisojuly 18th, 2012 18:12
Wow did not know that you guys battled with another famous french breakdance group. Was that Mr Salah in the red t-shirt with grey track pants? If you guys ever get the chance to dance in Singapore it will be awesome. Singaporeans love street and breakdance. God bless.

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